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Jon and Roy

Jon and Roy went searching for something intangible on their fourth recording, Let it Go. Suffice it to say, they found it. Freedom — from artistic constraints, from audience expectations —became a recurring theme for the duo during the creation of Let it Go. If there was one rule for longtime friends and collaborators Jon Middleton (guitar/vocals) and Roy Vizer (drums/percussion), it was to have no rules at all. Some artists wouldn’t dare touch a winningstreak that resulted in gigs with Finley Quaye, Mother Mother, among others. Fewer still would risk a reputation that has warranted appearances at some of the most established and popular folk festivals in Canada. Jon and Roy are unique in that regard. Despite their considerable success as an independent act the music-making process – above all else – is what continues to drive them. For any band, big or small, the simplest of intentions — playing music for enjoyment’s sake, if not the pure joy of collaboration — are often the first things to get lost along the way. Jon and Roy rediscovered that feeling on Let it Go. They found what they were looking for.


www.cindyboycephoto.comOothèque is music, an aesthetic, a magic formula! It’s the sum of the notes on the scale, the Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America, Emilie Jolie, Breton-Cyr, a DX-7, fly fishing, flats, Roland Orzabal, the Carnival of the Animals, geometry, the Beatles, JP Ferland, the FYC, topless Jodie Foster, an upright piano, a calf’s liver, Converge, SEGA Genesis, Madame Bovary, FZ, Malajube, mathematics, Montreal Expos, Eric Satie, a drumkit, Piu-Kee and two Volkswagens.

About Francis Mineau
Born in the countryside sixteen weeks before the 80s, raised by his parents, educated by books, Génies en herbe and some teachers, Francis went camping, boomerang throwing, skiing, biking and mowed the lawn. Oothèque is the first solo project of Francis Mineau and the self-titled album is the culmination of the artistic process.
– – – – – –
Oothèque est une musique, une esthétique, une formule magique! C’est la somme des notes de la gamme, du guide Peterson des oiseaux d’Amérique du Nord, d’Émilie Jolie, de Breton-Cyr, d’un DX-7, de la pêche à la mouche, de bémols, de Roland Orzabal, du Carnaval des animaux, de la géométrie, des Beatles, de JP Ferland, des FYC, de Jodie Foster sans t-shirt, d’un piano droit, d’un foie de veau, de Converge, du SEGA Genesis, de madame Bovary, de FZ, de Malajube, des mathématiques, des Expos de Montréal, d’Éric Satie, d’un drumkit, de Piu-Kee et de deux Volkswagens. Né à la campagne seize semaines avant les années 80, élevé par ses parents, éduqué par les livres, le Génies en herbe et quelques institutrices, il a fait du camping, du boomerang, du vélo, du ski et le gazon. Oothèque est le premier projet solo de Francis Mineau et l’album homonyme, l’aboutissement de cette démarche artistique.

Towers and Trees

When Towers and Trees take the stage, something special happens. There are all the usual suspects: sweat-soaked brows, raised hands, stomping feet… but there are also an awful lot of smiles, starting with the 5-7 musicians on stage. When the room is dancing, it’s because T&T are dancing too, with infectious enthusiasm. The Zone @ 91.3’s Jon Williams said of the band, “One of the greatest shows I have ever witnessed, full stop… front to back: performance, charisma, personality, conviction.”


All Rights ReservedKikeyambay is a Victoria, British Columbia-based musical project led by Guinean percussionist and vocalist Alseny Michel Diallo, and often joined by world-renowned dancer and singer N’nato Camara. Diallo’s passion for and knowledge of both traditional and modern Guinean music has inspired a group of Victoria musicians to create a project that performs as either a traditional drum and dance troupe or a modern and dynamic Afro-fusion electric band. As a traditional drum and dance project, Kikeyambay honours the ancestral cultural traditions of the Malinké and Susu people of Guinea and performs in schools across British Columbia. through Artstarts, a not-for-profit organization that brings professional artists into BC schools. As an electric band, Kikeyambay’s upbeat blend of West African, Zimbabwean, reggae, hip hop, jazz, gospel, and soul music always gets people on the dance floor! Kikeyambay has headlined at the Seattle World Rhythm Festival, Edge of the World Music Festival in Haida Gwaii, and the Diversity Festival on Texada Island, as well as many other festivals and venues.

Lola Parks

For a singer-songwriter who is fresh on the minds of many music fans, Lola Parks has been turning heads for years. In 1999, Lola’s band Sonnenblume was selected for 100.3 The Q’s Rocktoria compilation album and was later named The Q’s Band of the Year. In 2012, Lola Parks was nominated for 3 Vancouver Island Music Awards, including Artist of the Year. She was named Female Songwriter of the Year. Citing Karen Carpenter, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Ani DiFranco, and Janis Joplin as influences, she has shared billing with Grammy Winner Loudon Wainright III, Grammy Nominee Ruthie Foster, and Juno Nominee Mae Moore, among others. She has performed throughoutCentral America, Argentina, Nepal, and North America, and she has released multiple well-received recordings to date.


Website front page[3]The music of Masala is inspired by traditional rhythms from West Africa, Haiti, Cuba, Brazil, and the Middle East. The band is honored to have members who are committed students and teachers of these musical traditions. Instrumentation consists of surdo, repinique, snare, timbau, agogo bell, tambourim, shakers, shekere, kenkeni and cuica. The diversity of these musical sources and this unique combination of instruments ensure an exceptional and distinctive sound that will raise the energy of any event. Masala’s goal is to use music to bring people together in celebration of community and common cultural values. Audience interaction and participation have become essential aspects of a Masala performance. Playing with mobile instruments gives the band liberty to connect and move with the audience on the same level.

Charlotte Diamond

B.C.’s own Charlotte Diamond is coming to Victoria to present a Canada Day family concert. With favourite songs such as “Four Hugs a Day”, “I am a Pizza” (Je suis une pizza), “Octopus (Slippery Fish)”, Charlotte is an internationally-recognized recording artist, composer and singer for children. As one of Canada’s favourite family performers, she has toured throughout North America, and even Central America and Europe. Charlotte has thirteen recordings and a multitude of awards, including a Juno Award for her debut album, “10 Carrot Diamond”. She has received the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Commemorative Medal “ in recognition of her exemplary support of UNICEF”, as well as being named a “Paul Harris Fellow” by Rotary International “ in appreciation of significant assistance given to the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations among peoples of the world”.

Compaigni V’ni Dansi’s ‘Louis Riel Métis Dancers’

Louis-Riel-Metis-DancersCompaigni V’ni Dansi is a Vancouver-based traditional Métis and contemporary dance company dedicated to sharing the dances, stories and culture of the Métis. Led by Artistic Director Yvonne Chartrand, the company is dedicated to preservation and innovation. Dancers perform Métis dance under the name of the Louis Riel Métis Dancers and contemporary works as Compaigni V’ni Dansi. Compaigni V’ni Dansi holds the distinction of being the only company in Canada to teach and perform both Métis and contemporary dance. Meaning “Come and Dance” in Michif, Compaigni V’ni Dansi is thrilled to share the Métis people’s joyful culture with audiences of all nations.


nb00If it’s a kitchen party yer after… you’ve come to the right place! Cookeilidh is a 4 member Celtic band from Victoria, BC, comprised of 12-string guitar, fiddle, wooden Irish flute, electric bass, bodhran, andvocals. Noted for their high energy performance, and driven by a passion for the timeless and traditional Celtic music of past generations, they weave their own special blend of “Trad with Attitude”.

Sunshine Fitness Club

Victoria Sunshine fitness club was founded in 2010. The members are ladies who love life, promote healthy lifestyles and aspire fashion. Their dances range from fitness dance to Chinese folk dances of different ethnicities. Dancing has brought them good health as well as unexpected fun, which adds vitality to their daily life. Coached and choreographed by Helen Liu, the club has performed in various events and locations, such as dance festivals, the Chinese Gala for Spring Festival Celebration, and community charities (nursing homes, disability centers). The average age of the dancers performing today is over 55 years old. However, they have never given up in the pursuit of beauty because of their age. Please enjoy their graceful dance, freedom of movement, unrestrained passion and joyfulness.

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